Storm Preparedness: Protecting Your Home Before Severe Weather Hits

When severe storms are in the forecast, it’s important to take steps to protect your home and property from potential damage. Being proactive and preparing in advance can help minimize destruction from high winds, flooding, hail, lightning strikes, and other storm impacts. Follow these tips to help safeguard your house and belongings before turbulent weather arrives.

Stock Up on Essential Supplies

Gather important supplies you may need if the power goes out or if you are confined at home during a storm. This includes non-perishable food, water, batteries, flashlights, a manual can opener, a first aid kit, prescription medications, pet food, and other necessities. Make sure you have enough supplies for each member of your household to last at least three days.

Secure Outdoor Objects

Walk around your yard and bring any loose objects indoors or tie them down securely. This includes patio furniture, grills, potted plants, decorations, garbage cans, and anything else that could blow away or cause damage. Check for tree branches that look weak and prune them so they don’t break off in high winds.

Protect Windows and Doors

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home during storms. Install storm shutters or plywood over them to provide extra protection. Alternatively, you can use tape in a crisscross pattern to help prevent shards of glass if the windows break. Make sure exterior doors are securely closed and locked. Consider using water barriers or sandbags around exterior doors that are prone to flooding.

Clear Gutters and Downspouts

Remove debris from rain gutters so that water can drain properly. Clogged gutters can cause interior water damage during heavy storms. Ensure downspouts direct water several feet away from your home’s foundation.

Inspect and Clear Storm Drains

Clear leaves, dirt and other debris from storm drains near your property. Clogged drains can contribute to street flooding. Notify local authorities if there is a publicly owned drain in need of maintenance.

Check Your Roof

Replace any missing or damaged shingles to prevent costly leaks. Trim overhanging tree branches so they don’t break and damage the roof in high winds. Secure any loose tiles or shingles and inspect flashing around chimneys, vents, and fans.

Know How to Shut Off Utilities

Locate your main water valve, gas valve, and electrical circuit breakers so you can shut them off quickly if needed due to a leak or other damage. Only turn the power back on once electrical systems have been inspected after the storm passes. Contact utility companies for guidance.

Protect Important Documents

Place important documents like insurance policies, medical records, and financial statements in a secure, waterproof container. Have copies stored electronically or in a safety deposit box as added protection.

By taking these proactive measures before a major storm strikes, you can greatly improve the safety of your home and belongings. Pay attention to local weather alerts so you have as much advance notice as possible to implement storm preparations. And if the worst does happen and your property is damaged, speak to us today.

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