Types of Covered Storm Damage

There are specified deductibles for hurricane damage in Florida which must be met before insurance starts paying

In Florida a homeowners policy will cover wind damage, regardless of the cause, however, there are specified deductibles for hurricane damage in Florida, which are generally a stated percentage of the amount of coverage under the policy, which must be met before insurance starts paying. Flood damage is generally not covered under the typical homeowner's policy and/or wind policy. Water damage, however, is covered under wind policy as long as the wind creates an opening in the exterior envelope of the property that allows rainwater to pass through causing the damage.

As a result, it is extremely important for you to read and understand your insurance policy so it is clear what is covered and what may require a separate policy. This is also important to do because if the insurance company denies your claim or makes a lowball offer, you will know.

Insurance policies are drafted by legal professionals and are oftentimes ambiguous or difficult to understand. Contact us for a free policy review to assist you in understanding your policy language.

Obviously it is very difficult for a homeowner to locate identify and properly make a claim for all these varied items. In addition exclusions, coverage conditions, and complicated language found in insurance policies make it very difficult to make sure that you are filing a complete and accurate claim under what are very difficult circumstances immediately following a Hurricane.

Many insurance companies will also tell you that all or part part of your claim is not covered either (a) without providing a valid reason or (b) after hiring an "expert", who is generally paid handsomely by insurance companies for their opinions, to render a report upon which the insurer will then rely as a basis to deny your claim.


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