How to Protect Your Windows from Severe Storm Damage

Once you have experienced a storm or two, you understand exactly why the windows of your house or place of business are vulnerable during these extreme times. Hurricanes and thunderstorms are always a risk, but you can take steps to protect the windows to mitigate the potential damages. There may still be small repairs to make, but these will be far less than what could happen if you don’t take action now. This guide explores what you need to do, and how to get it done.

Install Shutters

Shutter installation is one of the best methods for preventing and controlling damage when a storm decides to come along. Some of the top of the range options are on the expensive side, though the investment is arguably worth making if it means you will have fewer costs down the line. The purpose of shutters is to create a structurally sound barrier between the weather event and your glass. They are highly protective and designed to withstand heavy battering. Shutters are often made from durable materials like steel and aluminum and are installed over the window. You can pick a style, for instance, a roll-down shutter, and even the color too.

Try Plywood

If you are not convinced by shutters and want something less aesthetically invasive, then plywood is the ideal solution. It is cost-effective and has fairly protective elements to it. Plywood is more of a single-use product and will provide a decent amount of barrier for your windows when bad weather comes calling. They can be drilled into the frame or slotted into place when the time is right, and removed once the storm has passed.

Change Your Glass Panes

So many homes and businesses in America still have single pane glass. Yet, when it comes to areas with high storm frequency, these are extremely ineffective. Single pane glass is the weakest around and will shatter fairly easily when faced with strong winds or flying debris. Instead, consider upgrading the glass to double or triple glazing. This can be taken even further with an investment in high impact window styles, which are built to withstand extreme hits and are a particularly useful asset when it comes to fighting the elements. Also known as tempered glass, it is over three times as strong as regular windows!

Have Some Storm Panels in Storage

If you don’t quite have the budget for tempered glass or aluminum shutters, then you must instead find some storm panels to keep in storage. These are strong pieces of wood that you bring out whenever a storm warning hits. They should be installed professionally for maximum impact and are typically slid into the window frame either internally, externally, or both. Made from strong polycarbonate materials, they will serve as a barrier between the weather and your glass.

Specific Fabric for Hurricanes

There is a new arrival to the hurricane protection market known as hurricane fabric. This material was created specifically to counteract the effects of extreme winds and rains and keep windows safe beneath it. They are lightweight, non-invasive, and typically easy to set up in any home regardless of the style or shape of your glass. So, if you have a senior relative or you know somebody who lives in an isolated area without much help in sight, these are great options to put forward. They can be lifted with ease and put into place without too much effort at all. This makes them a solid option when it comes to storm safety. They are becoming a highly popular option for larger buildings with more glass to cover.

Window Film

Another budget-friendly option is window film. The main goal is to prevent the glass from completely shattering and therefore causing, not only damage to the window, but your home and family too. It is fitted outside of the window and secured into place and has proven effective time and time again for decades. Even if the glass does break, it won’t go far, and the pane can be easily taken out and disposed of safely once the strong winds have subsided.

Why Is It Important to Protect Windows?

The biggest reason why windows need protection is because they are made of glass. When glass breaks, it can fly in multiple directions and cause untold damage. If a person is cut, or hit by a broken windowpane circulating during a hurricane, they are more likely to suffer a catastrophic injury or even death. There are so many dangers associated with unprotected windows that it has even become an integral part of insurance policies for building owners to consider. It makes sense to protect the panes of a house or office because they are the most at risk and highly exposed, with the potential to cause big damages and other consequences too.

Be Ready

Taking action is the only way to go. There are lots of options listed in the guide above, and many of them would suit a lower budget too. The price will depend on how many windows your property has and what type of glass is installed.

Storm damage is one of those things that is outside of our control. It happens whether we want it to or not, but there are still things you can do to prepare for the worst circumstances. Your property is an asset, but it is also your home, and it deserves some attention so that it has the best possible chance of staying strong and standing during extreme weather events. If you have suffered as a result of a storm, get in touch and see how we can help you with everything that comes next.

The dedicated team at Storm Damage understands the emotional and financial toll a storm can have on your life. We are committed to helping victims find the best way forward so that they can get on with their lives in the best way possible. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment or call us for a conversation.

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