5 Simple Protective Measures Every Homeowner Must Take Before Hurricane Season Begins

Have you moved into an area that experiences ‘hurricane season’? Are you a homeowner and have not experienced a hurricane before? Here are some simple prep steps that everyone can do to get ready for hurricane season, and they can all save time, stress, and money.

Put a Plan in Place

When there is a hurricane watch or warning, you and your family need to know what to do and what their responsibilities are. A hurricane watch is often announced when conditions are worsening, and hurricane-force winds are likely in the next 48 hours. When a warning is announced in the media, including TV, radio, and other forms of communication, a hurricane is expected to hit the area soon. Everyone needs to know what to do and where to go when it is announced.

Keep Supplies Prepped for an Emergency

Food, water, energy, and emergency supplies should be stored in your home somewhere if you live in a hurricane zone. The aftermath of a hurricane could leave you without power for days, so having batteries, portable solar chargers, and even a generator can be vital. Medical and emergency supplies are important too. Neighbors, friends, and even family could be injured during the event, and an emergency medical kit to treat them could be lifesaving.

Prepare Your Home and Yard

Before hurricane season begins in your area, clear your yard of anything that could be whipped up by the winds and become a destructive force to your home or someone else’s. Bikes, lawn furniture, and barbeque grills are all common culprits for storm damage in residential areas. Cover up windows if possible, adding ‘storm shutters’ to help protect your home and reduce the chance of window glass blowing inside and causing injury.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Before hurricane season arrives, you should check your home and car insurance policies to make sure you are covered for the costs of any damages. You may have specific responsibilities in the aftermath of a hurricane or storm, including getting repair estimates and damage assessments.

The insurance claim process can often be long and complicated after a natural event or disaster like a hurricane, due to the volume of claims. Getting help with the preparation and submission of your claim is a good idea to help avoid delays and ensure all the information insurance companies need is included in your claim.

Look Out For ‘Stay at Home’ Or ‘Evacuate’ Orders

Always listen to the authorities during a hurricane watch or warning and stay up to date with local news. Evacuate orders are less common and must be followed closely. Have a family plan for what to do in the event of an evacuation order, especially if you are separated when the order is given.

In the wake of a hurricane, Storm Damage is here to help. We can help you to make your claim, assess the damage, and assist you through the insurance claims process to make sure you get the coverage you have paid for.

To get the help and assistance you need to make a successful insurance claim for damages and loss incurred in a hurricane:

You can visit us at: 200 Lake Morton Drive, Suite 300, Lakeland, FL 33801

Or call us today for a free consultation on (833) 941-7867.


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