5 Reasons Why Insurance is Essential for Homeowners

Are you a homeowner in the state of Florida and you’re questioning just how valuable and useful homeowners insurance is? Insurance is one of those things in life that can seem like a big waste of money. You’re paying a premium each month, but what are the chances you’ll ever use it? However, even a single claim can make all those payments worth it. Here’s a look at five reasons why insurance is essential for homeowners.

It Will Cover Damage Caused by a Fire

A fire is a scary event that homeowners never want to think about, but accidents can happen and before you know it your home may suffer from fire damage. It may be small and kept to one area of the home, or you could be looking at a total loss. Having homeowners insurance protects your investment in that it will cover the cost to repair or rebuild the house.

Burglaries and Theft Aren’t Just Mentally Traumatizing

Being the victim of a home burglary or theft is a traumatizing event, whether you were home or not. It is an invasion of your safe space and can result in damage and loss of belongings. Once again, home insurance will provide coverage. It will pay for any repairs necessary and cover the cost of the items that were stolen. While that doesn’t erase what you’ve been through, at least you’re not down by the cost of the items stolen.

Break-ins tend to be very fast, lasting 8-10 minutes, and the most popular items stolen are vehicles, money and consumable goods. Think about what you’d do if those items were stolen from your home.

Your Mortgage Company May Require It

While homeowners insurance isn’t required in the state of Florida, your mortgage company may require you to have it. If you refuse to get insurance, the lender can revoke the mortgage and choose not to finance the deal.

It Offers Bodily Injury Liability

Here’s an aspect of the coverage many people don’t realize, but should a person be injured in your home or on your property due to the negligence of you – the homeowner – your insurance can also provide coverage. That person may choose to file a personal injury claim against you, which can be extremely expensive should you be found responsible for negligence.

Get Protection in Case of Storm Damage

Here in Florida, storms are a real and significant threat. That threat increases during hurricane season where the house can incur all kinds of costly and even devastating damage. While it’s true that your homeowner’s policy will cover wind damage in the state of Florida, hurricane damage gets a bit more confusing. This is why it can be helpful to contact professionals like us who can go over your policy in detail, helping you to figure out what is and isn’t covered in terms of storm damage. Insurance companies want to pay out the least amount possible, so you need someone to fight for you.

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