How Coastal Homeowners Can Protect Their Properties from Storm Damage

Living on the coast is something that many people only dream of. The ocean a beautiful slice of nature that can be incredibly relaxing and soothing to live nearby. But for all its beauty, the coast can also prove dangerous. Storms can be very common, and while only a fraction will be strong, that’s all it takes to create significant damage to properties. If you’re a coastal homeowner who wants to take all the steps possible to protect their properties from storm damage, here are a few steps worth taking.

Ensure Doors and Windows are Reinforced

One of the most important and basic steps to take is to reinforce all doors, windows and garage doors. Storm shutters are a great example, as well as impact-resistant windows and heavy-duty deadbolts on doors. It may seem like overkill, but should a storm occur, you’ll be glad you took the extra steps.

Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Roofs often suffer the most damage during a storm, which is why you want to maintain its condition. Do regular visual inspections of your roof looking for wear and tear, loose shingles, bare spots, buckling and more. Any issues should be repaired immediately, as they can compromise the integrity of the roof.

Don’t Leave Loose Items and Furniture Outdoors

If you know a storm is approaching, be sure to bring all loose items and furniture indoors. The wind can easily pick these items up and turn them into dangerous projectiles during the storm. If you have a shed for these items, ensure it is secure and won’t move about.

HVAC Systems Should Have Metal Tie-Down Straps

Just as outdoor furniture can become a projectile during a storm, so too can an HVAC system. There is an easy fix for this problem: simply install metal tie-down straps. This will prevent the unit from moving as long as it’s done correctly.

Cut Down Low-Hanging Branches and Those Close to Your House

Homeowners that have large trees on their property will want to be sure they stay groomed. Any low-hanging branches or those too close to the home should be cut off so as not to cause damage.

Get Professional Help – Ensure Things Go Smoothly

Whether you took the protective steps or not, unfortunately, storm damage can still occur. Storms can be incredibly powerful weather events and even with all the best protective steps, there is still no guarantee. If your property has sustained damage thanks to a storm, it can be extremely stressful and you may be wondering what steps you need to take.

We encourage you to contact us at Storm Damage to help you through the process. We are made up of claim consultants, contractors and attorneys who can provide you with valuable information and assistance to help you resolve your claim. Our website was created to act as a resource, giving you links and information to everything you may need after your home suffers from storm damage. It even provides definitions of common terms.

You can visit us in person at 200 Lake Morton Drive, Suite 300, Lakeland, FL 33801.

If you’d rather, you can call us today for a free consultation on (833) 941-7867.

Let us at Storm Damage provide you with the guidance and information you need during this trying time.


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